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What were the reasons for the IPO of Sixt Leasing SE in May 2015?

The Sixt Leasing Group has grown profitably over the past few years and managed to increase its portfolio of contracts between 2012 to 2014 by an average of 25% per year. With the IPO we are providing the necessary equity for the expected further growth. The proceeds from the IPO will allow Sixt Leasing SE to reduce its current external financial liabilities, strengthen its capital base and create the financial leeway for ongoing growth and increased profitability. The aim is for the Group's financing, which is still currently mainly conducted by Sixt SE, to be replaced step by step by external independent financing.

How much capital has Sixt Leasing SE acquired from the IPO?

Based on the fixed placement price of EUR 20.00 per share, the gross issue proceeds from the IPO for Sixt Leasing SE (prior to deduction of the IPO costs) amounted to EUR 111.7 million. In combination with the capital increase made by Sixt SE prior to the IPO and in the amount of EUR 30.0 million, equity was strengthened by a total of around EUR 141.7 million.

At which stock exchanges will the shares of Sixt Leasing SE be listed?

On 6 May 2015 the company received clearance for trading at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Prime Standard Segment). The first day of trading was 7 May 2015. The International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) reads DE000A0DPRE6. The German Securities Identification Number (WKN) is A0DPRE.

Who acts as Designated Sponsors for the shares?

Berenberg and COMMERZBANK are the Designated Sponsors.

Do all shares come with the same rights?

Yes. Every share represents a pro-rata share in the company's share capital of EUR 1.00. Every share carries one voting right in the company's annual shareholders' meeting. There are no voting right limitations.

Which dividend policy is Sixt Leasing SE going to pursue?

Generally the company plans to pay out a dividend of around 30% to 60% of the consolidated annual profit, subject to satisfactory business performance of the company. However, no guarantee can be given that the company will be in a position to pay out a dividend or a dividend of the intended amount.

Does Sixt Leasing SE hold treasury shares?

No, at present the company does not hold treasury shares. According to the resolution approved by the Extraordinary General Meeting on 8 April 2015, however, the Managing Board is entitled to acquire treasury shares by 7 April 2020 of up to 10% of the share capital.

When and where will the next regular AGM take place?

The next regular AGM is likely to be held in the second quarter in Munich. Sixt Leasing SE will publish the venue and date for the AGM in accordance with the statutory regulations in the Federal Gazette and on its website in due time.