The future of mobility is digital

Strategy programme DRIVE>2021

Digitalisation, Risk management, Internationalisation, Volume and Earnings growth

Our goal is to further expand the leading position of the Sixt Leasing Group in online direct sales of new cars and in management and full-service leasing of company fleets. To this end, we have launched the “DRIVE>2021” strategy programme in 2018.

“DRIVE” stands for Digitalisation, Risk management, Internationalisation as well as Contract and Earnings growth. The programme’s aim is to increase the pace of digitalisation, to improve the risk-return profile, to further push ahead with internationalisation and to increase the number of contracts and earnings in the coming years.

Focus on digitalisation and internationalisation

In the first two years, numerous strategic measures have already been implemented as part of “DRIVE>2021”. In 2020, we want to continue to set the course for strong and profitable growth in the future, particularly in the Online Retail and Fleet Management business fields. The focus will be on driving forward the digitalisation of the business model and aligning the organisation to future national and international growth.

In addition, process and cost optimization measures are expected to have a positive impact on the Group's productivity and earnings performance. The aim is to make internal processes even more efficient by further digitizing and automating business processes. There are also plans to optimize the cost structure by making even better use of synergies between the business fields.

Our initiatives for growth and efficiency

Online Retail business field:

Fleet Leasing business field:

Fleet Management business unit:

New growth opportunities through new major shareholder

In July 2020, Hyundai Capital Bank Europe GmbH (HCBE), a joint venture of Santander Consumer Bank AG and Hyundai Capital Services Inc., acquired around 92 per cent of the Sixt Leasing shares. The strategic partnership with our new major shareholder HCBE enables us to continue the successful implementation of Sixt Leasing's growth strategy and take advantage of new growth opportunities. This puts us in a position to become the leading provider of longer-term auto-mobility in Europe.