The future of mobility is digital

Strategy programme DRIVE>2021

Digitalisation, Risk management, Internationalisation, Volume and Earnings growth

In the beginning of 2018 we have initiated the strategy programme ‚DRIVE>2021‘. The aim of the programme is to increase the pace of digitalisation, to improve the risk-return profile, to further push ahead with internationalisation and to significantly increase the contract portfolio as well as earnings until the year 2021.


We are accelerating the digitalisation of our business model. In the Online Retail business field new products, functions, services and digital processes are to be introduced. In addition, we plan to optimise interfaces to the ‘analogue world’ and thus improve the customer experience. In the Fleet Management business unit, the IT platform is to be developed continually. New digital solutions shall improve customer processes.

Risk management

We diversify the customer structure through a stronger focus on smaller corporate customers and intensify the marketing of used vehicles to foreign markets via our B2B auction platform. Moreover, the potential residual risk from older diesel vehicles in the portfolio is to be reduced.


We aim to expand both in Germany and abroad. For Online Retail, a gradual expansion into selected markets such as France, Italy or Spain is planned. In the Fleet Management business, we strive for a presence in a total of eight to nine European countries.

Volume and Earnings growth

We are planning significant growth of contracts, revenue and earnings in the medium term. Until the end of 2021, the Group's contract portfolio is to rise by approximately 50 percent to around 200,000 contracts compared with the end of 2018. Operating revenue is expected to grow by around 35 percent to EUR 650 million in the 2021 financial year. EBT shall increase from a good EUR 30 million to EUR 40-45 million over the same period.