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Satisfied customers keep us moving

Sixt Leasing's renowned international references

BASF, OTIS, Sky - these are but a few of the corporations that benefit from their years of collaboration with Sixt Leasing. Our reliability and our comprehensive service portfolio makes us a strong mobility partner in whom our customer can place their trust.

Sixt Leasing is a mobility service provider for customers of every size. These include small and mid-sized companies as well as worldwide corporations. Some of our partnerships with top customers go back well over 20 years. Our client base includes, among many others:


High Degree of Customer Satisfaction

Because satisfied customers are our top priority, we have developed a CSI tool (Customer Satisfaction Index) that allows us to ask and survey our customers regularly about how satisfied they are with the services provided by Sixt Leasing. Besides the users of leasing vehicles, fleet managers can give detailed feedback and thereby provide vital impulses for the continued improvement of our service portfolio.

The feedback to our CSI tool is strong and confirms our customers' great satisfaction with our mobility solutions. Since 2015 the recommendation rate of our customers is on average 85% and about 95% confirm to use our services also in the future.