The future of mobility is digital

Sixt Leasing SE

Enabling mobility

For around 50 years Sixt Leasing SE has been one of the leading German vehicle leasing providers. Besides, we are active with own subsidiaries in Austria, Switzerland, France and the Netherlands. Via our franchise and cooperation partners we also reach customers in about another 35 countries.

Cost optimisation for fleet customers

Our claim is to offer our customers optimal mobility at the lowest possible cost. We do so on the basis of our many years of experience in the efficient management of large vehicle fleets. This enables us to optimise our fleet customers' overall operating costs over the long term by taking due account of the total cost of ownership (TCO). For fleet leasing we make this possible with full-service solutions, and for pure fleet management through our subsidiary, Sixt Mobility Consulting.

Broad partner network supports high service quality

Our extensive service portfolio benefits from the support of a wide network of specialised partners. In addition to the decades of reliable and proven collaboration with renowned manufacturers, Sixt Leasing maintains close cooperation with car dealers, oil and gas companies, repair workshops, tyre dealers, insurance companies and other service providers. Sixt Leasing therefore has ample in-depth knowledge of the markets, knowledge which individual companies or private individuals cannot have. We make this expertise and know how available to our customers, as well as favourable procurement conditions, in the form of attractive conditions and inexpensive solutions.

Added value via proven IT tools

We have developed numerous online tools to optimally attune our services to the needs and requirements of our customers. These include the FleetIntelligence Reporting System, which provides detailed analyses of the entire fleet or individual vehicles, or the FleetOptimizer, which identifies savings potentials within a given vehicle fleet. After all, cost and process transparency are the preconditions for detecting hidden mobility costs and realizing savings potentials.

Innovative online platform for private and commercial customers

The "Sixt Neuwagen" online retail service is specifically geared towards private and commercial customers. We offer a wide variety of vehicles from all customary brands on this innovative and user-friendly platform. In addition, we also use this to provide highly attractive conditions for instalments, including Sixt Vario financing as a classic leasing product that comes with a fixed purchase option for the customer. Our economies of scale in vehicle procurement allows us to offer particularly favourable conditions, which we share with our customers.