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One strong masterbrand – from Sixt Leasing Group to Allane Mobility Group


In July 2020 Hyundai Capital Bank Europe GmbH (HCBE) has acquired all of Sixt SE's shares in Sixt Leasing SE and obtained additional shares from other shareholders as part of a voluntary public takeover offer. As a result, HCBE holds around 92% of the shares in Sixt Leasing SE since the middle of last year and thus is our new strategic majority shareholder. As part of the sale of the shares in Sixt Leasing SE, a step-by-step separation from our former majority owner, Sixt SE, was agreed. In a first step, we are now changing the company name of Sixt Leasing SE and its subsidiaries. As of today, Sixt Leasing SE is called Allane SE.

Please note that this change only affects the corporate name of our companies, but not our external brand appearance. This means that the company will be called Allane SE in the future, but we will appear on the market under the well-known brands Sixt Leasing, Sixt Neuwagen, Sixt Mobility Consulting, Autohaus24 and Flottenmeister until further notice. The gradual introduction of new brands will follow in due course. The change of the company name thus marks only the first step of a long journey for the new Allane Mobility Group.

We will inform you about all upcoming transition steps in a timely and transparent manner and make the transition as convenient and smooth as possible for all our stakeholders.


Allane Mobility Group


As Allane Mobility Group, we have the strong backing of two globally operating corporations, as well as the freedom and agility that comes with being an independent mobility provider. As we move ahead, we do so with a clear vision to strive for: to become the leading multi-brand provider of comprehensive mobility solutions in Europe. All in one, and all for you.

Our new name is inspired by the traffic sign that says „All Lanes“. It stands for our comprehensive one stop shop approach to mobility and further underlines our aspiration to be a pan-European mobility provider. At the same time, "Allane" resembles a name, which makes us human and approachable, as for us the relationship with our customers and business partners is the number one priority.

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