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Sixt Leasing SE is one of Germany's leading manufacturer- and bank-independent vehicle leasing providers with subsidiaries in Austria, Switzerland, France and the Netherlands. Via our franchise and cooperation partners we additionally reach customers in about another 35 countries.

For our corporate customers we develop tailored full-service leasing solutions. Based on our decades of expertise and highly efficient process management we optimise their fleets' total operating costs over the long term and independent of manufacturer. Through our subsidiary Sixt Mobility Consulting we also offer this expertise to customers who bought or leased their vehicles from a third party but wish to benefit from the advantages offered by a professional external fleet manager.

For our private and commercial customers we developed our "" online platform. This is convenient to use, transparent and mostly unbeatably cost-efficient. Our customers can use it to freely configure vehicles or obtain instantly available cars online with monthly instalments over 18 to 54 months, mileage from 10,000 to 40,000 kilometres per year and, if requested, with delivery straight to their front door.

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Full Service Leasing
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